Mechanic providing truck repair in Florence, KY
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Light to heavy-duty truck & Trailer Repair services in Florence, ky

For professional diesel mechanic service in Florence, KY, schedule your commercial vehicle in with Northern Kentucky Truck Service today! With unrivalled truck & trailer repair experience and expertise, our team of trusted heavy-duty mechanics specialize in getting your light to heavy-duty truck and commercial fleet vehicles back on the road safely and efficiently. Whether you require basic maintenance or comprehensive repairs, brakes & transmissions, or DOT inspections & engine repairs, we have Florence, Kentucky covered! Call us today to schedule your in-shop or mobile truck and trailer repair services!

Mechanic providing tire repair in Florence, KY
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Light To Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

Axel icon

Axle Repair

We're here to address all your truck axle repair needs. Our expert team is ready to ensure the safety of your vehicles and keep them rolling smoothly.

Brakes icon

Brake Repair

Our team of experts is here to keep your fleet rolling smoothly. Whether you're dealing with a minor brake issue or a complete failure, we've got you covered.

Coolant system icon

Coolant System Repair

Our expertise lies in delivering solutions for engine cooling systems, ensuring your commercial vehicles remain in optimal condition.

Performance ECM tuning icon

Performance ECM Tuning

With our dedicated team's expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can recalibrate your truck's ECM, unleashing its performance potential.

Diagnostics electrical icon

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

Facing electrical issues with your heavy-duty truck? We offer diagnostic and electrical repairs to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Driveline icon

Driveline Repair

Our technicians specialize in heavy-duty driveline repairs, including diagnostic & electrical repairs, to keep your fleet running smoothly.

EGR & DPF icon


Are you facing issues with your truck's EGR and DPF systems? Our team offers diagnostic and electrical repairs, ensuring your truck runs at its best.

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Engine Repair, Rebuild

Our dedicated team of experts at Northern Kentucky Fleet Service specializes in engine repairs and rebuilds, ensuring your engine runs smoothly.

Express lube icon

Express Lube

We offer top-notch express lube services designed to meet the specific requirements of truck drivers and fleet managers in the Florence region.

Exhaust system icon

Exhaust System Repair

We are dedicated to guaranteeing the performance of your truck's exhaust system, prioritizing your safety during your journeys on the road.

HVAC system icon

HVAC System Repair

Our team offers quality HVAC system repairs. We keep your trucks' HVAC systems in prime condition, ensuring your safety on the road.

Oil icon

Oil & Fluid

Our expertise lies in truck oil changes and comprehensive fluid services, all geared towards ensuring your fleet performs at its highest level of efficiency.

Suspension icon

Suspension Repair

We offer swift and comprehensive suspension repairs, ensuring your truck rides smoothly and handles the toughest terrain with ease.

Tire icon

Tire Repair

We're your go-to destination for heavy-duty suspension repairs. Let's explore how our expertise can keep your truck riding smoothly.

Transmission icon

Transmission & Clutch Repair

At our heavy-duty diesel repair shop, we focus on transmission and clutch repairs, guaranteeing your uninterrupted journey on the road.

Alignment icon

Truck & Trailer Alignment

Are you facing alignment issues with your rig and seeking expert solutions to get back on the road quickly? You've come to the right place.

Body work icon

Body Work

Needing top-quality heavy-duty bodywork for your trucks? Look no further than Northern Kentucky Truck Service.

"Excellent service offered by professionals. They don't waste time. Quick to attend to the problem and i was back on the road."
Richard Banda

David Cox

5 Stars

"SCR problem. Had me fixed quickly. Have used them before and will again if I have problems in the area."

Qudratullah thunder

5 Stars

"They are professional, friendly, on time, fair and good price, no extra charges and care about your time. What a nice and respectful team I saw here. I send my trucks all the way from Houston, TX to fix it there."

Javid Amiry

5 Stars

"Very respectful people
Very friendly
Helpful and understanding
Professional work"


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